Caravan Winter Storage

Caravan Winter Storage
9 years, 10 months ago

The sun is still shining and the weather is still relatively mild but many of you will be putting your caravans into storage for the winter.

A few relatively simple precautions taken now can save a lot of time and money next spring. First the battery. If left unattended throughout the winter it will almost certainly be no good next year. After being left inactive, sulphate crystals will start to form on the negative plates. After a few weeks of low charge these become larger and permanent irreversible sulphation will occur. Any warranty will be invalid when the battery is tested and the sulphate crystals are found to be present. The solution is to remove the battery from the caravan and charge it once a month. This will keep it healthy and ready to be used next year.
Look after the tyres. Best solution is to remove the wheels and fit winter wheels. This way the tyres are protected from developing a flat spot and damage from the sun’s rays. There is also the added benefit of helping to prevent theft of the caravan. If you do not wish to remove the wheels then consider using flat spot preventers and covering the exposed side walls.

Fully drain the water system including the water pump to prevent frost damage. In the past couple of springs we have sold a lot of water pumps due to the residue of water inside freezing and damaging the impellor. Either keep it indoors or ensure it is completely drained.

Put a moisture trap inside the caravan during the winter. This will help prevent condensation building up.

Caravans stored under trees can suffer unsightly staining to the roof which is hard to clean off. Using either a top cover or full cover can prevent this.
Finally even if the caravan is stored on your driveway, fit an alarm or tracker. Theft of caravans from driveways is surprisingly common and tends to happen during daylight hours. It often appears to neighbours that this is pre-arranged and the thieves will give them a plausible story. Some have even been known to unwittingly help the thieves! There are now relatively inexpensive trackers on the market such as the Bulldog TR20 which do not have monthly or annual subscriptions. They work using a pay as you go sim card. They can be set to alert you as soon as the caravan is moved.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further no obligation advice on storing your caravan. Please also check out our fantastic range of Caravan Equipment and Accessories in our online store