Tipping Trailers


Graham Edwards Flat Bed Tipping Trailers are built on a rigid framework and are fully galvanised for a long service life. Tipping operation is by electric pump and the tailgate is double hinged. Their trailers come with auto-reversing brakes and heavy duty serrated jockey wheel. The battery has a trickle charge cable and the ten and twelve foot trailers have a built in ramp store. Like all their trailers, these tipper trailers are built up to a standard, not down to a cost.

TP85 2000Kg 145/10 8′ 0″ 5′ 0″ £80+vat £350+vat £3140+vat
TP105 2750Kg 195/13 10′ 0″ 6′ 0″ £120+vat £400+vat £3480+vat
TP106 3500Kg 185/13 10′ 0″ 6′ 6″ £120+vat £450+vat £3850+vat
TP126 3500Kg 185/13 12′ 0″ 6′ 6″ £120+vat £500+vat £4100+vat